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Premium coffee that changes lives. Shipped directly to your door.

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Farmer Grown.Farmer Roasted.Coffee Subscriptions.

Order freshly roasted specialty grade coffee directly from the farmers who grow it.

Vega Coffee is roasted and shipped straight from the source.


Medium Roast / Whole Bean - Vega Coffee - 1
Medium Roast / Whole Bean - Vega Coffee - 1 Light Roast / Whole Bean - Vega Coffee - 2 Dark Roast / Coarse Grind (French Press) - Vega Coffee - 3 Roaster's Choice / Whole Bean - Vega Coffee - 4 Dark Roast / Whole Bean - Vega Coffee - 5

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Farmer Roasted Coffee that changes lives. Shipped directly to your door every 2 or 4 weeks. Just $15 a box. (Free Priority Shipping in the U.S. included).

Each subscription box features:
  • 12 oz. of small batch, freshly roasted coffee (about 30 cups)
  • 100% single-origin, shade-grown, high-altitude Arabica beans grown without the use of any agro-chemicals
  • Ability to pause, change or cancel your subscription anytime
  • Free Priority Shipping in the U.S. included (as always!)


Lisa M.
What I love most about my Vega Coffee subscription is that coffee farmers get paid up to 4x more even though I pay a few dollars less for single-origin coffees that other roasters charge up and above $20/lb for (and that's before they tack on shipping, which Vega Coffee includes for free!).

– Lisa M.

Pouria S.
I legitimately love great coffee, and drink about a pound or so per week. But the more expensive it's become, the more I've begun to wonder why that was. Then I found Vega, and their middleman-free online-only model not only made sense, but cost less and was super convenient too.

– Pouria S.


#1You Order

You Order

Select exactly what type of coffee you want and how often you want it from our farmers & cooperatives.
#2Farmers Roast

Farmers Roast

Once you've ordered, your coffee is roasted fresh by our farmers, then bagged and boxed for shipping.
#3We Deliver

We Deliver

We deliver your freshly roasted beans from Nicaragua directly to your door (with shipping included for free)!


Farmer Roasted + Freshly Delivered

Vega Coffee is unlike any other coffee company out there. Each bag is roasted by the people who know coffee best: the farmers who grow it! Our coffee is then bagged and packed with care and shipped straight to your front door. It arrives to you within days of being roasted, ready to show off its peak flavor.

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Farmer Roasted + Freshly Delivered
Premium Coffee. Without the Premium.

Premium Coffee.
Without the Premium.

Vega Coffee subscriptions cost less than what other roasters charge for comparable grades of coffee because:
  • Our coffee is roasted in the very same country it's grown in
  • We cut-out all the coffee middlemen (exporters, importers, "coyotes", etc.) and sell online-only.

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Connect Coffee Farmers Directly with Coffee Lovers

We started Vega Coffee to connect coffee farmers directly with coffee lovers. Why? So that we could offer incredible coffees for less, yet still pay farmers up to 4x more for roasting & packaging their own beans. Best of all, every additional dollar earned means more children attending school, more consistent medical care, and more money for our farmers to reinvest back into their coffee farms.

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Connect Coffee Farmers Directly with Coffee Lovers