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We built a model that breaks the rules.

We grow, source, and roast our coffee at origin—a shift in the supply chain that connects you directly with the women who grow your coffee. Farmers earn more with power to access the market, and you get coffee handcrafted with generations of expertise. Delivered direct, no middlemen.

Better coffee, from us to you.

A coffee experience that values connection as much as you do. Our coffee closes the distance between coffee drinkers and coffee growers, bringing us together through the shared touch-point of our favorite drink.

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Start your month with the magic of something new. We feature different coffee from exclusive microlots from across Nicaragua—our way of connecting you to the diverse community of seed-to-cup experts at origin. Our monthly coffees are limited edition, so don’t be afraid to stock up before your favorite roast runs out.

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How it Works

Select your roast of choice.
Receive monthly deliveries of new, exclusive coffee—direct from us to you. Carefully selected for quality and seasonal availability.
Brew your way to the coffeelands & be inspired by the movement in your mug.

The women leading
the movement.

As experts at origin who craft your coffee from seed to cup, the Women of Vega earn more income for their work and become leaders in an industry that has historically kept them out. With the Vega movement, women growers make their voices heard and their value recognized—and shape a world that future generations of coffee growers and coffee lovers will be proud to inherit.

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to close the gender gap in coffee


higher wages than Fair Trade requirements

to stimulate economic growth


certified organic coffee

to protect our fragile planet


more value kept at origin compared to C price

to build a more equitable future

There's magic in connection.

Rob Terenzi met coffee farmers Marlon and Mayra fifteen years ago during his travels in Nicaragua. They invited him in for a cup of coffee. From the kitchen table, Rob watched as they roasted their own coffee on a big, open fire. Aromas of roasting coffee filled the house, and the fresh green coffee crackled into the finished, roasted beans.

They brewed the beans as soon as they were ready—and poured Rob his very first cup of farmer roasted coffee. That moment was magic: organic, handcrafted specialty coffee, from the farm directly into Rob’s cup.

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