A fair trade coffee subscription for people & offices who love great coffee

Farmer roasted coffee.

Delivered directly
to you.

Vega Coffee is coffee unlike any other: packaged and roasted by the same farmers who grew it and delivered direct to you.

Small Batch

Single Origin

Unique Roasts

We grind your coffee to order

Whole or Ground

Better Coffee for Less

Vega Coffee subscriptions give you carefully curated, single-origin, direct and fair trade coffee on your schedule at a great price.

Crafting a new
coffee experience

Vega empowers farmers with tools and training to turn their coffee from commodity to consumer-ready product. As a result, farmers in Nicaragua’s coffee country can earn more income for their coffee and play a key role in shaping a new, more equitable coffee experience.

From Mountain
to Mug

By working directly with small farms and cooperatives, Vega delivers the highest-quality direct and fair trade coffees that are rich and fulfilling in both taste and impact.

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