Welcome to the future of coffee.

Organic, shade-grown microlot coffee. Roasted by coffee farmers at our craft roasteries in Nicaragua and Colombia. Delivered from origin directly to you.

Forget the status quo, Vega Coffee is unlike any other:

Our farmers hand-pick, process, roast, and package their own coffee, earning more for their craft and streamlining your coffee’s journey from farm to cup.

Small Batch

Single Origin

Unique Roasts

We grind your coffee to order

Whole or Ground

Radically better.

We rely on the coffee expertise of the people who know it best. Our farmers have been cultivating coffee over generations, bringing to our roasteries a deep understanding of exceptional taste and quality.

Radically inclusive.

Over 95% of our farmer roasters are women, who are paving the way for equity in the coffee industry. By roasting their own coffee, they earn regular income instead of a one-off purchase at harvest and are actively included in the market.

Radically sustainable.

We purchase organic, shade-grown green coffee at a price point well above fair trade. This means greater income security for our farmers, who can invest that added income into environmentally sustainable farm practices.

A movement in a mug.

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