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Roasted at origin, powered by women.

What’s different about us? It’s simple: we roast our coffee at origin. This shift equips women coffee growers with the tools and training to create a specialty, artisanal product, while earning 4x more income for their craft. Coffee-lovers enjoy the finest coffees handcrafted with generations of expertise. Delivered direct, no middlemen.


Nicaragua → to you.

We are reinventing the coffee supply chain so that the only hands that touch your coffee until it’s in the mail are the farmers who grew it. It’s a simple shift that results in farmers earning 4x more income, wages they invest back into the wellbeing of their families and communities.

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Start your month with the magic of something new. We feature different coffee from exclusive microlots from across Nicaragua—our way of connecting you to the diverse community of seed-to-cup experts at origin. Our monthly coffees are limited edition, so don’t be afraid to stock up before your favorite roast runs out.

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Select your roast of choice.
Receive monthly deliveries of new, exclusive coffee—direct from us to you. Carefully selected for quality and seasonal availability.
Brew your way to the coffeelands & be inspired by the movement in your mug.

The women leading
the movement.

As experts at origin who craft your coffee from seed to cup, the Women of Vega earn more income for their work and become leaders in an industry that has historically kept them out. With the Vega movement, women growers make their voices heard and their value recognized—and shape a world that future generations of coffee growers and coffee lovers will be proud to inherit.

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to close the gender gap in coffee


higher wages than Fair Trade requirements

to stimulate economic growth


certified organic coffee

to protect our fragile planet


more value kept at origin compared to C price

to build a more equitable future

A new way to enjoy coffee.

The coffee industry is in a state of crisis. There are over 25 million coffee farmers throughout the world and over 80% live below the poverty line. Meanwhile, coffee drinkers are paying more than $5 for a cup of coffee—and in general only about 5 cents of that purchase makes it to the farmer who spent 7 years cultivating the coffee on their farm.

Living in different coffee-growing communities in Central America, my husband/co-founder Rob and I saw the effects of this broken supply chain in the lives of our friends and their families. In 2014, we decided to move back to Nicaragua and work with those same friends to pioneer the roasted-at-origin movement. We visited farms, sourced coffees, imported roasting equipment, and began to train farmers in every aspect of coffee cupping and quality. Together, we began to build a new way to enjoy coffee, one that centers the farmer and creates a pathway for them to thrive.

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