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Deliver real impact across your campus.

Students are looking to make an impact from their coffee cup to their future career. Take their campus coffee from tolerable to transformational with our roasted-at-origin model. Start their day with a drink that connects them to a sense of something bigger—and find a partner that meets all of your college coffee and sustainability needs.

More than coffee,

it’s an experience

Our coffee experience means more than a caffeine fix.


with an impact:

From breakfast buzz to late night study fuel, our coffee connects your students to a movement that matters. And we have the impact reports to prove it. They’ll opt out of off-campus, and choose the coffee at school that’s changing the world.


at origin:

When we keep roasting in the hands of the farmers that know it best, “specialty” means so much more. We source from organic family farms, and handcraft the final product in an artisan roastery at origin.

Supply chain


Our roasted-at-origin model removes the middlemen to bring unmatched value to you and your school. Without extracting value from the farmers who produce it from seed to cup.

Higher education meets coffee with a higher purpose.

Across the nation, our roasted-at-origin movement is taking the foodservice industry by storm.

Finally, the sustainable coffee your students are looking for.

Our roasted-at-origin movement made its way to Haverford in 2019. Today, Vega is served at the college’s Coop and Library cafes; bustling hubs of student life that are now fueled by the farmer roasted revolution. 

The impact and inspiration of Vega echoed throughout campus, past the cafe spaces and into the Impact Investing curriculum taught at the School of Economics.


“When you drink your coffee from Haverford College in the morning or late at night because you’ve been procrastinating all week, you can rest easy that you’re contributing to a more sustainable and ethical coffee industry.” - Ines Purcell '20, Haverford College

Try a sample.

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Our Products

Regular and decaf whole bean coffee, handcrafted from premium microlots in Colombia and Nicaragua. Our single-origin coffees are available in light, medium, dark and espresso roast profiles.

Pre-ground coffee for the college cafe looking for a little added convenience. We’ll work with you to arrive at the brew/roast/pack size combination that is exactly right for your coffee service.

A student favorite, our cold brew concentrate is made with a 20-hour brew method that maximizes concentration and extracts a smooth blend of rich, chocolatey tasting notes. With infinite applications, the daypart possibilities for cold brew are endless—and so are the opportunities to give revenue and profit a meaningful boost.

Make it instagrammable with cups, lids, sleeves and to-go boxes that excite your students, increase participation in your coffee program and ensure that everyone knows that your school is partnering with Vega to make a difference. Let your students show off the impact across campus and social media.

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