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Your co-workers crave coffee that makes a difference.

Every company has a culture, from corporate buzzwords to pre-meeting banter to virtual happy hours. Co-workers look to connect with one another beyond an email exchange—and perform better when they do. 

Our workplace coffee program inspires your team with a cause they can feel passionate about together. By growing, roasting, and hand packaging premium specialty coffee at origin, our women farmers earn more for their craft—and have an active voice in shaping the future of the industry. 

We supply coffee for any scale, so that your employees can fuel their day and connect  with coffee they feel good about.

It’s more than coffee, it’s an experience

Our coffee experience means so much more than a caffeine fix. It’s a way for your co-workers to connect with the people behind their products—and get behind a movement that matters.

Connect from home

With WFH we’re always plugged in, but not necessarily connected. Give your team coffee they can come together to feel good about.

Partnership with an impact

Your employees don’t check their values at the door—and that’s why they’re great at what they do. Bring a little inspiration to their day-to-day with coffee that makes an impact.

Supply chain revolution

Delivered direct from the farm without middlemen, our farmers earn more and you get premium specialty coffee at the value that’s right for you.

Battle Burnout with Better Coffee

We’re online all the time, jumping from video call to slack message to email chain—all through the course of a single day. With burnout at an all time high, employers are looking for ways to show their people they care.

Whether you’re together at the office or WFH, support your employees with the fuel they need to feel good about their work day. Get premium, specialty coffee delivered directly to your workplace and show your team how much you appreciate them, starting with the first sip of their morning coffee.

Putting our exceptional coffee to work.

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing company that’s empowering the next wave of world-changing software—and our coffee is helping their remote workforce feel satisfied, appreciated and supported along the way.

To this date, remote employees at DigitalOcean score higher in engagement than any other subgroup at the company. Instead of feeling isolated on their home-office islands, they feel engaged and connected to something bigger.

Our partners at DigitalOcean attribute their cohesive culture to making in-office perks accessible and available to every employee. Monthly deliveries of craft, artisan coffee are part of that effort, and help DigitalOcean come together in support of a purpose they care about (and meet CSR goals, too).


“DigitalOcean’s employee experience programs strive to be inclusive of all of our employees. We do this by keeping both the needs of in-office and remote employees in mind, and by adjusting our programs as needed to ensure they can change and scale with our growing organization.” - Lucy, DigitalOcean

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Our Products

You’ll choose from an assortment of roast profiles from micro-lot farms in Colombia and Nicaragua. We’ll work with you directly to find the perfect coffee offering to fuel your team

With our range of pack sizes and roast profiles, we’ll equip you with everything you need to make exceptional coffee at every one of your work locations.

Sometimes the little acknowledgements go the longest way. Show you care by gifting coffee your employees care about, with personalized monthly subscriptions delivered direct to their doorsteps.

We’re more motivated when our actions make an impact. Show your team and your clients that the coffee you serve makes a big difference for the women who grow it, with cups, lids, sleeves and to-go boxes that make them feel part of the movement.

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