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What goes into each of your products matters to the value of your brand.

Your customers want ingredients that make an impact. Choosing Vega gives you real sustainability chops, connecting you and your customers directly to a model with unmatched transparency and measurable impact to boot. 

We supply coffee at any scale, so that you can make sure your ingredient list makes your customers proud.

Expertise at origin

Quality is at the heart of what you do—from ingredient list to finished product. With Vega, you highlight your company’s commitment to sustainable farming and sourcing.

Partnership with an impact

Your brand believes in making a difference—and our direct-from-origin ingredients help you back that up. When you choose our coffees, cacao and chia, you make a big impact without impacting your bottom line. We provide the data reporting to support your message, so your customers can trust their purchase is part of a more equitable, sustainable future.

Supply chain revolution

Say goodbye to the kinks of the old way of doing business. We’re HQ’d at the origin of your ingredients, involved in every step of the process from production to delivery. That means we’re able adapt quickly to your changing needs and give you the freedom to innovate around the products you’re most proud of.

One ingredient can make a world of difference.

Our ingredient partnerships are successful because together we care deeply about the quality of our ingredients and the impact they have on the communities that grow them.

Creating partnerships, one ingredient at a time.

Our story with Daily Harvest began in 2017, when we won Rabobank’s FoodBytes! pitch competition for innovative food brands. The Daily Harvest Head of Procurement saw in us an opportunity to deepen their impact, from ingredient level to brand messaging. And we were thrilled to connect with a fellow food industry disruptor. 

As Daily Harvest embraced the roasted-at-origin revolution, we leaned into our organic certification and premium food safety practices to bring farmer roasted coffee to their impassioned customer base.  

More than a vendor, we partner and problem-solve with Daily Harvest as they innovate along the supply chain. When they needed a cold brew concentrate, we developed a custom product just for them. When they were looking for a new instant coffee supplier, we were there to step in as partners. In 2020, we hosted Daily Harvest on a trip to Nicaragua, where they visited our operations, toured coffee farms, and met our growers. They brought their creative team and created a series of compelling content pieces to show their commitment to procuring sustainably sourced ingredients with Vega. Today, we’re proud to be the exclusive coffee supplier for Daily Harvest. As Daily Harvest transforms the food industry, we continue to innovate together.


"We have sustained a great partnership with Vega and their dedication to our product is evident in all aspects of their business. We appreciate their creative problem solving and willingness to do ‘all’ to resolve any issues." —Amna Rauhulla, Category Manager Daily Harvest

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Our Products

Our cold brew concentrate is made with a 20-hour brew method that maximizes concentration and extracts a blend of rich, chocolatey tasting notes. The smooth flavors make for infinite ingredient applications—and meet all of your requirements, from premium taste to food safety to big impact

Forget what you’ve heard about instant coffee. For ice cream, alcohol, and anything in between, our artisan approach to instant gives your customer the rich taste they love, and your company the convenience and quality it needs.

Regular and natural sugar cane decaf coffee, sourced from exclusive micro-lots in Colombia and Nicaragua, and roasted at origin (with organic and Fair Trade options available). Our single-origin coffees are available in light, medium, dark and espresso roast profiles. We meet any production needs, with packaging options that range from a 10 lb bag to a 1,000 lb super sack. And if you’re looking to choose your own adventure, we’ll create special blends to spec.

We’ve taken our model to the world of cacao, giving you access to organic cacao powder, nibs and liquor direct from artisan cacao producers in Colombia. And creating more opportunities for impact that doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

Expanding our operations in Nicaragua, we source organic certified chia from small family farms. Our quality, hand-harvested chia seeds are full of omega-3 and fiber, a nutrient-rich ingredient that’s helping farmers at origin diversify their income and protect against food insecurity.

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