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Mefalia del Carmen Villareyna Flores

Continuing her mother’s legacy, Mefalia is growing coffee and planting the seeds for future generations to grow. 

Our November coffee comes to you from the Nuevo Amanecer cooperative, a collective of 27 women farmers leading the industry in gender equity & sustainability—and producing some of the finest specialty coffee while they do it. Nuevo Amancer is a testimony to the echoing impact of empowered women: many of the members are mothers and daughters, who share the craft of coffee through generations and now cherish it together as colleagues. 

Coop. member Mefalia del Carmen Villareyna Flores learned to grow coffee from her single mother, who raised Mefalia and her five siblings with a deep love of the coffeelands. While Mefalia moonlights as an elementary school teacher, her heart is with her farm La Limonaria, where, amongst flourishing lemon trees, she handcrafts her incredible coffee from seed to cup. 

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