Coffee Expert in Residence Program

The Mission

At Vega Coffee, our mission is pretty straightforward: connect coffee farmers and coffee drinkers more directly. In doing so, we aim to increase the educational and financial wealth of coffee farmers, while delivering truly excellent coffee to customers. We equip our farmers with the technology and know-how to move beyond purely cultivating and selling an unprocessed commodity to participating in the additional steps of the coffee supply chain where the majority of financial value is captured— roasting, sorting, packaging—to become true “seed-to-cup” coffee professionals.

The Program

We launched the Experts in Residence program in Fall 2016 to deepen this education through the exchange of skills, ideas, and culture across the coffee supply chain. We connect downstream coffee professionals in the specialty coffee sector with our farmer roaster team through a series of in-country trainings and seminars.

Whether you’re an expert at slinging espresso shots, evaluating the subtlest of coffee flavor attributes, or crafting optimum roast curves, we want to connect and collaborate with you!

Who You Are

A barista, roaster, café manager, or similar professional coffee enthusiast with a desire to deepen your connection to your craft by meeting the people and place where this magical bean is produced. Bonus points for having a broad social media following!

Program Highlights

  • Travel to Nicaragua, a premier coffee-producing country and emerging adventure destination, to conduct a two-day training with our farmer roasters tailored to your specific coffee skill-set.
  • A two day excursion to the coffee growing communities in the Miraflor Nature Reserve to learn about organic coffee cultivation, with a stay with a local host farming family.
  • Learn from coffee farmers, their perspective on the industry and how they’re developing their skills to be competitive in this new era of specialty coffee.
  • Experience the vast array of food, culture, and natural beauty of Nicaragua.
  • Program offers participating “Experts” compensation for:
    1. Lodging for entire duration of the program (up to five days in country)
    2. All In-country transport, including airport transfers and trip to the Miraflor Natural Reserve coffee growing communities
    3. Comprehensive tour of coffee country by experienced local guide covering:
      • Organic agricultural production methods (coffee and other)
      • Hikes along winding hillsides and sweeping vistas
      • Artisanal tortilla-making workshops
      • Birding (season permitting)
    4. Meal stipend during training days
    5. Free Vega farmer-roasted coffee!


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Learn More

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