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Cooperative Miguel Angel Ortez – September 2017

Miguel Angel Ortez

This batch comes to you from the Miguel Angel Ortez Cooperative, comprised of 70 members, including 20 women. About a month ago, Eleuterio Bàez López (Don López) and his adorable grandson were kind enough to give us a tour of Don López’s stunning organic coffee farm, stretched across a steep mountain slope. 

Don López has been a “socio” or member of the Miguel Angel Ortez Cooperative for 20+ years, and a coffee farmer for 30+ years. Miguel Angel Ortez was founded in 1985 in a remote farming community called El Colorado. 

El Colorado is beloved for its breathtaking scenic vistas in Nicaragua’s northern mountains, situated at 3,000–4,000 feet above sea level. We can’t get enough of this beautiful place, nor its one-of-a-kind coffee.

Aroma: honey
Flavor: apple, creamy hot cocoa
Acidity: delicious
Varietals: caturra, pacas, catuai, lempira
Region: El Colorado, Nicaragua

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