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UCA Miraflor – April 2020


Ah, UCA Miraflor. How we love thee…Representing about 400 small scale farmers in the hidden enclave of Nicaragua known as the Miraflor Nature Preserve, we absolutely love this community of dedicated coffee growers. The cozy mist tangoing through the mountains, the warm kitchens preparing tortillas and frijoles, the colorful bus windng its way up the rough and winding dirt roads, to reach every pocket of this incredible collection of homes and farms. It’s no wonder that this coffee delivers a sabor vibrante, given its eclectic roots.

These farms took a real hit during the recent La Roya plague, some having lost 70% of their coffee plants to the rust plague. But, these tenacious farmers have given everything they have to invest in new plants, while reaffirming their commitment to organic farming – despite the fact that it is more susceptible to ecological disasters like climate change and La Roya.

We’re inspired to work with each and every farmer that makes up this incredible collective known as UCA Miraflor. We invite you to enjoy this coffee while dreaming of laying in a hammock listening to the Miraflor Warbler flute-like warble.

Tasting Notes: tangerine, cacao
Process: washed
Altitude: 3,280-4,750 ft. above sea level
Varietals: caturra, catuai, bourbon
Region: Miraflor Nature Preserve, Nicaragua

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