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Rosario Rodriguez – May 2018


Rosario Rodriguez lives in a community called El Horno Dipilto, and is an experienced coffee farmer – carrying on a family legacy passed down to her from her father.

Looking toward the future, Rosario has gifted plots of her farm land to her daughter and grandson, ensuring that the family tradition of coffee farming carries on for generations in her wake.

Fatima, Rosario’s daughter, is the head of quality control and cupping at the PRODECOOP cooperative, and a prominent figure in the Nicaraguan coffee industry. Rosario identifies the coffee she grows as “like a bit of gold” that has provided her with countless opportunities.

Rosario founded her cooperative on August 22, 1993, and now boasts 33 women and 65 men. We hope you sit back, relax, and brew away!

Tasting Notes: peach, raisin, pineapple
Altitude: 4,350 ft. above sea level
Varietals: catimor, parainema
Region: El Horno Dipilto, Nicaragua

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