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José Zeledón – October 2018


The José Zeledón Cooperative is a proud bunch – and they have reason to be, given that they have won the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence for their extraordinary specialty coffee not once, not twice, but three times!

The José Zeledón cooperative was founded in 1996, and today boasts 305 members, including 88 women. Named in honor of a local young man who was killed during the Nicaraguan revolution, the cooperative’s ethos is built on commitment to family, community and country – values that young José embodied in his life.

We chatted with one of the cooperative’s delegates, Francis, who grew up in a family of coffee growers. Some of her first memories involve playing and working with her five brothers on their family farm, alongside her parents. To Francis, the idea of “family” extends to the wider cooperative: “I have grown up within the cooperative, and I like this system, because as long as there is a common cooperative vision, it feels like family. We have that common vision here.”

On behalf of Francis and the José Zeledón cooperative, we hope that you enjoy this awesome coffee!

Tasting Notes: sugarcane, vanilla, pepper
Altitude: 2,600-4,600 ft. above sea level
Varietals: catuaí, caturra, caturra paca, parainema, típica
Region: San Juan de Rio Coco, Nicaragua

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