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Nuevo Amanecer – Dec 2020


There is so much magic in a beginning. A moment when things change, energies shift, and life continues altered from that touch point forward. For Santos Gonzalez Averruz, her journey with coffee began at age six: harvesting coffee alongside her father, who would bend coffee branches down toward Santos so she could eagerly cut off the ripest cherries. Martha Nubia Flores Peralta finds herself at a new beginning today, this year completing her first harvest on land that is fully her own.

Both Santos and Martha belong to the Nuevo Amanecer cooperative, an all-women cooperative making incredible strides toward gender equity, sustainability, and innovation in the coffee industry. Nuevo Amanecer provides amazing opportunities for education and training for its twenty eight members, more than earning a name full of hope and promise: New Dawn.

This coffee also celebrates Vega’s beginning. Our co-founder Rob Terenzi worked with Nuevo Amanecer back in 2006 on a project to roast their own coffee -- this endeavor evolved into what is now the Vega Farmer Roasted model. We are so grateful to the women of Nuevo Amanecer, who continue to be incredible partners in making this model a reality.

So with this meaningful coffee, we look forward toward 2021. Remembering the people and moments that have meant so much to us, and humming with the promise of many more beginnings to come.

Tasting Notes: toasted corn, dulce de leche, cacao, grapefruit
Process: washed
Altitude: 4,900 ft. above sea level
Varietals: caturra
Region: Miraflor Nature Preserve, Nicaragua

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