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Finca La Lila – March 2019

La Lila

Our relationship with the family behind Finca La Lila embodies the heart and soul of why we started Vega Coffee. They’re coffee growers not only dedicated to cultivating quality coffee, but they are also steadfastly committed to their community. They reinvested the earnings from last year’s harvest to improve the road from the community to town, which helped farmers from all walks of life access the market in order to sell their crops and support their families.

Last month, we brought you Finca La Lila’s washed process offering, and this month’s we’ve some something extra special – their natural processed microlot. Dried under the warm Nicaraguan sun within the coffee’s fruit (as opposed to washed process, where the bean is washed from the fruit and then sun-dried), these coffee beans are exuberant in their delightful fruit forward flavor. A uniquely perfect pairing to the start of spring later this month.

Tasting Notes: jicaro (calabash), banana, vanilla
Process: natural
Altitude: 2,800 ft. above sea level
Varietals: catimor, marsellesa, pacamara
Region: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

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