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Finca Genesis – October 2017


This month’s coffee comes to us from Wilmer Estrada and his family. We’re proud to have known Wilmer for a couple of years, as a Q Grader at the SOPPEXCCA cooperative. Wilmer’s farm, Finca Genesis, has been in his family for 50 years, handed down from his grandparents. Wilmer prides himself on cultivating coffee in a manner that is gentle on the natural environment. His goal is to improve his yield in order to employ more folks in his local community, and support parents as they send their children to school. Wilmer’s passion for coffee is contagious — we’re excited to partner with him and bring that passion to you.

“I love my work -- both in the SOPPEXCCA lab and on my small farm -- I have so much support, from my boss Fatima at SOPPEXCCA, to my beautiful family. Eventually, I hope to pass along my farm to my children, so that they can continue the family tradition and love their work like I do.”

Aroma: honey
Flavor: green apple, chocolate, sugar cane
Acidity: tart
Varietals: caturra
Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua

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