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Finca Los Pinos – December 2017

Los Pinos

An internationally renowned organic coffee farmer and organic farming advocate, Byron Corrales is constantly refining his cultivation techniques to great effect – he produces some of the tastiest organic coffee in Nicaragua. His family farm, Finca Los Pinos, is tucked away in the lush Arenal Nature Reserve on the border between the Jinotega and Matagalpa departments – and is the result of four generations of experimentation and unwavering dedication to the craft of organic coffee farming.

Finca Los Pinos is a blueprint for harmonious co-existence between farming and nature. Orderly rows of coffee shrubs are protected by towering shade-giving pine trees – hence the name Los Pinos, or “The Pines.” Interestingly enough, the farm’s pine trees subtly imbue the flavor profile of the coffee itself, making it a delightful holiday brew.

Asked to describe his passion for organic farming, Byron replies: "Us organic farmers love nature. We live through her and because of her." We hope you'll enjoy this offering, which reflects the (tasty) fruits of the labor of this truly impressive organic coffee farming operation!

Aroma: floral, toasted corn
Flavor: pine, sugar cane, cinnamon
Acidity: meyer lemon
Varietals: caturra
Region: Arenal Nature Reserve, Jinotega, Nicaragua

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