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Sample a special blend of our Farmer Roasted Coffee from Nicaragua before signing up for a subscription. Just $15.00 per bag, per shipment.

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Enjoy fresh, farmer roasted coffee -- and help make a real difference in the lives of the farming communities who produce it.

Each Shipment of Vega Coffee Includes

  • 12 oz. of small batch, single-origin Farmer Roasted Coffee (about 30 cups of coffee!)
  • Free Priority Shipping in the U.S.

About Our Farmer Roasted Coffee

All Vega Coffee is freshly roasted specialty grade, single-origin Arabica, grown between 1,200-1,800 meters above sea level. We commit to sourcing only coffee that is cultivated in a manner that respects the earth -- shade-grown and without any GMOs or agrochemicals. We seek to partner with small-scale farmers who traditionally have little market access, as well as farmer-owned cooperatives.

As part of our strong commitment to gender inclusion, we focus on sourcing, where possible, from female producers and women-owned farmer cooperatives.

Vega also applies stringent quality standards to taste. We diligently cup all of our coffees when we select them at the farm-level, and spend countless hours tweaking their roast profiles so that our roasts show off each coffee’s unique flavor profile, highlighting all the goodness -- from delicate floral to robust spicy notes.



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Single Origin,
Small Lots

We source 100% Arabica coffee exclusively from small-scale farms and cooperatives in a single geographic region. Each small lot carries its own unique flavor influenced by its growing altitude and environment.

Sustainably Grown

Our specialty grade coffee is always shade-grown and cultivated in a manner that respects the earth, without any GMOs or agrochemicals.

Roasted at Origin

Vega Coffee is roasted at origin by the farmers who grew it, so you’re guaranteed the freshest coffee, handcrafted by the people who know it best.