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Santos Villareyna Acuna

Santos Villareyna Acuña is a coffee producer who also loves construction. With hard work and dedication, he has built a home, wealth, and a legacy. This is his Cuento.

I am a coffee producer who also does brickwork on the side. Sometimes I think that if I did not grow coffee, I would build homes full time. I like construction work.

With my father as a business partner, I built our business from the ground up. We started with only one manzana (1.7 acres) when I was a kid. But we worked tirelessly, day in and day out. Always shoulder to shoulder. With our goal in mind.

That is how we made our dream come true and grew to own 11 manzanas (18.7 acres). When we got our farm, we named it Sueño Dorado. Owning this farm truly was the golden dream that inspired us to give the best of ourselves.

“I plan to work hard for as long as I can. That is the way I grew up and I am proud of it. I want to teach my children the same work ethic.”

At the age of eight, Santos started picking coffee with his father. Today, he teaches his own children the value of hard work.

By the time I turned 16, I joined the Cooperative. Since then, we have been part of this supportive coffee growing community.

I love working collectively. When we face challenges, the cooperative is there. Just like a family that works together to come up with solutions.

Achieving a good crop is one of the hardest things about this business. It requires a lot of work and effort from everyone. My wife and I wake up at 4am every morning to start planning and preparing our work day. By 6am, we’re already in the fields caring for our crops.

When the coffee production slows down, we focus on our other crops. Aside from coffee, we also use our land to grow basic grains and fruit. So, one way or another, we are always working to build a better future for ourselves.

Sueño Dorado is a beautiful farm with excellent coffee growing conditions. Its fertile lands also allow the family to grow grains and serve as pasturelands for cattle.

“This year, I have focused on learning about climate change. We have had a drought, but managed to continue growing and working despite these challenges.”

Coffee is what keeps me going. For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in all the steps of coffee production. And when I drink coffee, it makes me feel good and helps me relax.

Santos’ work day ends at 6pm. That’s when he goes home to spend time with his children and help with household chores.

“My coffee tastes great because we produce it with care and family love. It grows among fruit and other plants that enhance its flavors.”

My kids are also interested in coffee production. They know it is one of our main sources of income and that thanks to coffee, we are able to afford their education. That is why I teach them everything I know. From seed to roasted bean, coffee production is part of our heritage.

I started working with my father when I was very young, but it was actually my grandparents who taught me everything about coffee. They introduced me to the world of coffee and showed me that it was a beautiful way to make a living.

Now that they are no longer with us, I imagine myself drinking a cup of coffee with them. I would love to show them everything that I have accomplished. Thanks to what my grandparents taught me, I felt inspired to build a better future for myself, my family, and our future generations.

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